Sarajevo Stock Exchange and BBI have joined forces with the goal of creating the List and the Index of companies which are traded on SASE, and whose business is in line with principles of Islamic economy. We sincerely hope that this project will encourage investment and interest in companies and capital market in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This data is created based on the most up-to-date information on companies whose shares are traded on SASE. Please click here for more information on criteria of compatibility with principles of Islamic economy created by BBI. Information on the Index itself are given in the continuation of this text.

As a response to the increased demand for investment products which are in line with the principles of Islamic economy on the global stage, Sarajevo Stock Exchange, in cooperation with BBI, has initiated the project of introducing Islamic index on SASE.

Composition of the Index (SASE-BBI) will be arranged in a way that only the companies included in BBI-SASE List can be Index constituents.

On that List can only be the companies which are traded on SASE, and whose business is in line with principles of Islamic economy. Compliance is tested through a screening process, during which it is examined if the companies satisfy the criteria described in the methodology set by BBI bank.

After that, from that List and based on SASE methodology, the composition of the Index is determined in the way that first 25 symbols (shares) based on a combination of ranks of market capitalization and exchange turnover in the reference period will enter the Index.

Starting (base) value of SASX-BBI index is 10.000, and base date is October 7th, 2016.

SASX-BBI, SASE Islamic index – in cooperation with BBI, is:

  • Price index
  • Benchmark index, whose goal is to enable the investors and analysts the evaluation of general movement of share prices of the companies which are in line with the conditions from the Shariah methodology of BBI, and which are among the companies with the largest market capitalization and turnover.
  • Index pondered with adjusted market capitalization of the issuers which enter the composition of the Index, with the capping factor being 15% of the total market capitalization of the Index.