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SASE Shareholders

  Exchange member / Shareholder The percentage ownership of shares of the SASE
AW BROKER d.o.o. Sarajevo Exchange member + Shareholder 5,2366
ASA BANKA d.d. Sarajevo
Exchange member + Shareholder 5,2366
RAIFFEISEN Bank d.d. Sarajevo Exchange member + Shareholder 10,4732
UNIBROKER d.o.o. Sarajevo Exchange member + Shareholder 5,2366
VGT-BROKER d.o.o. Visoko Exchange member + Shareholder 5,2366
ADDIKO BANK d.d. Sarajevo
Shareholder 5,2366
EUROHAUS d.o.o. Sarajevo Shareholder 5,2366
EBROKERS d.o.o. Sarajevo Shareholder 5,2366
CENTRAL REGISTRY AGENCY, Istanbul, Turkey Shareholder 5,0089
TAKASBANK, Istanbul, Turkey Shareholder 5,0089
BORSA ISTANBUL, Istanbul, Turkey Shareholder 9,8878
PALISAEN d.o.o. Sarajevo Shareholder 4,9276
ALMA AHMIĆ, Sarajevo Shareholder 4,8788
AUCTOR d.o.o. Zagreb Shareholder 4,5373
MIRSAD ŠKALJIĆ, Sarajevo Shareholder 5,4155
MIRSAD LEKA, Sarajevo Shareholder 3,5941
AZRA BLEKIĆ AYDOGAN, Sarajevo Shareholder 4,0657
EMIR IMŠIROVIĆ, Sarajevo Shareholder 3,8054
ADI AHIĆ, Visoko Shareholder 1,3823
SEE INVESTMENT SOLUTIONS d.o.o. Sarajevo Shareholder 0,3578


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  • Address: Đoke Mazalića 4/I,  Sarajevo

  • Phone: (387) 33 251-460

  • Email: contact@sase.ba