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Vision & Mission


Key values

  • Desire for excellence
  • Always tend to be the best in business. Clients of Sarajevo Stock Exchange do not deserve anything less
  • Openness
  • Be open to new ideas and continuously improve business processes through creative approach
  • Integrity
  • Maintain the fair and honest relationships with influential interest-groups
  • Responsibility
  • Be responsible for all interest-influential groups: issuers, members, shareholders, investors and community.
  • Transparency
  • Business should be performing transparently.
  • Team-work
  • The people achieve more in a team, rather than individually.
  • Efficiency
  • Always strive for the efficiency. All employees shall endeavor to carry out the work on the "right way".
  • Purpose of activities
  • Enable optimal and efficient connectivity participants in the capital markets and securities.
  • Strategic challenges
  • To ensure the highest standards in securities trading.
  • Total development of capital markets


  • Mission is to provide the highest standards in securities trading and to be one of the initiators of the complete development of the capital market and economic development of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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  • Address: Đoke Mazalića 4/I,  Sarajevo

  • Phone: (387) 33 251-460

  • Email: contact@sase.ba