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SASE Profile

Sarajevo Stock Exchange (SASE) was founded on 13th of September 2001 by eight equal brokerage houses from Federation BH. Trading at the Sarajevo Stock Exchange officially started on 12th of April 2002 and the first auction totaled 3,099 KM.

The shareholders of the Sarajevo Stock Exchange are brokerage houses and natural persons from the Federation BH with 85% share, and Borsa Istanbul 9,8878%, Central Registry Agency Turkey 5,0089 %, te Takasbank 5,0089 % of ownership in Sarajevo Stock Exchange Inc., with equal number of shares and with equal property rights and obligations.

The Stock Exchange Market is the central point for connecting the supply and demand for securities in order to conclude trading with securities. In other words, the Stock Exchange Market is a place where, on the basis of the supply and demand, the real market price of a particular security is formed. Accordingly, the Stock Exchange has no determination power in the turnover of securities, nor does it affect the sales of securities, it only reflects the overall supply and demand, and it is a mirror of the economic activities in a particular country.

During its years of existence, the Sarajevo Stock Exchange has upgraded the infrastructure and developed electronic trading systems. Today, SASE trades every day in the period from 10.00 am to 1.30 pm, in accordance with the development and market needs.


Trade takes place in the Official Market and the Free Market (which is divided into ST1, ST2, ST3, Market for issuers in bankruptcy proceedings and the Bond Market), and the trading algorithms are continuous and auction trading. All of the above is integrated in a single electronic trading system, the BTS system (the stock exchange trading system), into which brokers enter purchase or sale orders from their offices.

Trading of securities on the Sarajevo Stock Exchange is public and transparent. Any private or legal person who has an interest can use real-time trading monitor, for a fee. This application can be used from any PC or mobile device and the only requirement is active internet connection.

In the forthcoming period, SASE, as an active participant in the development of the capital market, will influence the expansion and diversity of financial services and instruments, through the presentation of new technical, technological and information exchanges capabilities.

The Sarajevo Stock Exchange, through its work and actions, is ensuring the highest standards in the trading of securities and aims to be one of the triggers of a full development of the capital market and economic development of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our business is built on the principles of professionalism, competence, ethics and responsibility.

The Sarajevo Stock Exchange is a private institution, independent and transparent in its work, free from any political influences.

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If you want to have access to the current information from the market become a user of the Trading Observer Desktop application.


On the website of the Sarajevo Stock Exchange you can rent advertising space in a variety of formats.


  • Address: Đoke Mazalića 4/I,  Sarajevo

  • Phone: (387) 33 251-460

  • Email: contact@sase.ba