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Organization of Seminars

The Sarajevo Stock Exchange offers services of organizing educational events related to the capital market to existing and potential investors , representatives of companies , public authorities and local governments , educational institutions, etc. .

The aim of the above events is that business of Stock Exchange make it closer to all interested, through various educational activities.
This activity SASE was created as a result of importance understanding the ways of functioning of capital markets widest range of interested parties.
Educational facilities can be organized through the organization of thematic conferences , round tables , seminars , courses , presentations , as well as through visits to the Sarajevo Stock Exchange .

Services of education  are offered under the following conditions :
- Maintenance Fee two - hour presentation (lecture + questions and discussion ) about various aspects of the business on the stock exchange request is 500.00 KM if is secured room with complete equipment
- Compensation for the organization and maintenance of educational content in a specific and actual demand contracted separately , and depending on the elements of the claim can be organized in the premises of the stock exchange , as well as in other locations , provided the technical facilities .

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