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If you wish to receive a SASE notices, including exchange rates and trade reports via e-mail,  it is necessary to subscribe. You can do with one of the following ways:

  • Written request by fax: 033/559-460 or by mail
  • Electronic request: via e-mail contact@sase.ba

Pursuant to your request, you will be forwarded the contract of the delivery SASE reports and notices. By signing this agreement, on your mail will arrive daily reports on trading (including exchange rates), and also following periodic reports:

  • Weekly review of trade on SASE
  • SASE monthly newsletter, with detailed statistics on trade in the past month, the news from the capital markets and disclosures of issuers in our market
  • The semi-annual and annual statistical report
  • Any other information from Sarajevo Stock Exchange
Price listed is a KM 60.00 + VAT on a monthly basis.

If you need a larger volume of information on trade SASE, including the ability to export data store, we invite you to test our new application, SASE OBS.

The marketing services involves the use space of Web site Sarajevo Stock Exchange for the purpose of advertising and advertising / promotion via OBS SASE, and specialized events organized by SASE (such as conferences, seminars, etc.)
On pages and subpages www.sase.ba advertising is possible by placing ad banners with different formats, including video formats, as well as other advertising and advertising content multimedia functionality, for this service pays a fee.
For the purposes of advertising on these sites, it is possible to perform modification or reconstruction banner for a client in next cases: create a banner if client no have own or client was not delivered, client does not possess the required format and/or dimension, or when client delivered material, but it need to amend or adapt in order to be usable for the purpose of advertising. For this services pays an additional fee.

Types of advertising:

  • Rotating banner at the top of the page (the leaderboard), istovrsan on all other pages
  • Standard Banners
  • Button Banners
  • Module Banners (Top Banners inside)
  • Floating Banners
  • Leaderboard and floating banners are rotating, Standard and Button banners can be rotating or fixed, module banners are fixed, imply the same kind of banner on all pages. Charged for at the time of representation, the accounting period of one month.

    SASE reserves the right to adjust the submitted materials to other appropriate media graphics solutions in order to maintain coherence and professionalism of the web site and would prevent distortion of web design portal.

    Advertising services on the website can be agreed for different periods of time, and precise requirements and fees can be found here.

    Advertising services via observation stations for trading (OBS) can be arranged through the agreement of the use of OBS stations, or separately. The precise requirements and fees can be found here.

    Advertising services / advertising, and providing marketing space at events organized by SASE have to be agreed at least 30 days before the event, and for each event separately.

    The Sarajevo Stock Exchange offers services of organizing educational events related to the capital market to existing and potential investors , representatives of companies , public authorities and local governments , educational institutions, etc. .

    The aim of the above events is that business of Stock Exchange make it closer to all interested, through various educational activities.
    This activity SASE was created as a result of importance understanding the ways of functioning of capital markets widest range of interested parties.
    Educational facilities can be organized through the organization of thematic conferences , round tables , seminars , courses , presentations , as well as through visits to the Sarajevo Stock Exchange .

    Services of education  are offered under the following conditions :
    - Maintenance Fee two - hour presentation (lecture + questions and discussion ) about various aspects of the business on the stock exchange request is 500.00 KM if is secured room with complete equipment
    - Compensation for the organization and maintenance of educational content in a specific and actual demand contracted separately , and depending on the elements of the claim can be organized in the premises of the stock exchange , as well as in other locations , provided the technical facilities .

    SASE Newsletter

    If you want to receive reports, exchange rates or trade reports via e-mail, it is necessary to subscribe for SASE Newsletter.


    If you want to have access to the current information from the market become a user of the Trading Observer Desktop application.


    On the website of the Sarajevo Stock Exchange you can rent advertising space in a variety of formats.


    • Address: Đoke Mazalića 4/I,  Sarajevo

    • Phone: (387) 33 251-460

    • Email: contact@sase.ba