Today, in the premises of the Sarajevo Stock Exchange, an agreement between the Faculty of Economics in Tuzla and the Sarajevo Stock Exchange regarding the cooperation in scientific and business matters was signed.

During the meeting which preceded the signing of the agreement, the members of the Management Board of the Sarajevo Stock Exchange, headed by Dr Tarik Kurbegović,  and representatives of the Faculty, headed by Dr Safet Kozarević, dean of the Faculty, discussed possible ways of cooperation between the two institutions.

On of the discussion points was the plan of the Faculty to setup a capital market room on the Faculty, which would enable students to actively monitor the trading process on SASE and help them understand the basic trading principles. The leader of this project is Meldina Kokorović Jukan, docent at the Faculty of Economics Tuzla.

The agreement between the two institutions implies activities aimed at increasing the theoretical and practical knowledge and expertise of students as well as increasing the general level of financial literacy for all participants on the capital market. These activities will include the organization of seminars, workshops and round-tables .

- What was immediately agreed was that the Sarajevo Stock Exchange will actively support the organization of the course „Stock Exchange and its business operations“ offered by the Faculty of Economics in Tuzla. This includes providing the SASE Observer Station (SASE OBS) at no cost to the Faculty, to enable their students to follow the trading process in real time. We will also organize visits to the Stock Exchange and hold presentations to the students regarding the trading process, said director Kurbegović.

He also added that a close cooperation between Universities and companies from the financial and real sector are the foundation for a qualified and skilled workforce in developed economies, and that the Sarajevo Stock Exchange will always support the introduction of such practice in our economy.

He also pointed out that it is a pleasure to establish and to strengthen cooperation with all Universities in Bosnia-Herzegovina, and thereby give our contribution to the education of students and the development of our country.

The signed cooperation agreement is one in a series of similar agreements signed with both public and private higher education institutions in the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina.


dr.sc.Meldina Kokorović Jukan, docent of Faculty of Economics in Tuzla, dr.sc. Safet Kozarević, dean of Faculty of Economics in Tuzla, dr Tarik Kurbegović, director of Sarajevo Stock Exchange, Almir Mirica, executive director of Sarajevo Stock Exchange, Tahir Taslaman, executive director of Sarajevo Stock Exchange

Signing the agreement on scientific and professional cooperation

mr. Kurbegović and mr. Kozarević: Through cooperation to quality education of students