During the visit of representatives of Borsa Istanbul to Sarajevo Stock Exchange today is organised meeting these two companies with leaders of Energoinvest d.d. Sarajevo, one of companies listed in a index SASX-10.

Through conversation, Tarik Kurbegović, director of Sarajevo Stock Exchange and Adnan Serhat Görgün, director of Marketing and Sales Department of Borsa Istanbul presented the framework of strategic partnership between these stock exchanges, as well the effects of this cooperation on issuers on the domestic capital market to Enes Čengić , director of Energoinvest, and his associates.

On this very open and constructive meeting, the possibilities for dual listing of Energoinvest shares, both on Borsa Istanbul and the Sarajevo Stock Exchange, was discussed. It was concluded about possible positive effects on the liquidity of the shares on both markets.

Another topic of the meeting was the possibility of issuing corporate bonds by Energoinvest trough the Turkish capital market. Emphasis is placed on Istanbul's Borsa too as a intermediary in establishing new forms of cooperation between“ Energoinvest“ and another similar turkish companies.

The visit of Sarajevo Stock Exchange and Borsa Istanbul to „Energoinvest“ is one of important steps these two stock exchanges in the way to overcome the limitations of domestic capital market. Through this cooperation with Borsa Istanbul, Sarajevo Stock Exchange will still endeavor to offer issuers and investors novelties that are not present in the reagional capital markets, which contributes to the overall development of the domestic economy.