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Meet the Director

Dr. Tarik Kurbegović was born in 1978 in Sarajevo.

Doctoral dissertation, in the field of capital markets, defended on the Faculty of Economics in Vienna 2011. year, and thus gained a PhD in economics. He is one of the few doctors of economic sciences in an active capital market in the Federation BiH.

His postgraduate studies in business economics at Faculty of Economics in Vienna ended in 2004 and he became a Master of Economic Sciences, specializing in the areas of "Capital Market and Economic History".

Dr. Kurbegović is also an authorized broker and investment adviser, where his license was obtained by passing already mentioned professional examinations at the Securities Commission of FBiH. Also, one of the many degrees that he passed was state exams for a university degree in order to performing leadership positions in the public sector.

He finished high school in Turkey, where he came at a very young age after completing the second grade of II Gymnasium, and he successfully completed College "Fatih" in Istanbul.

He speaks fluently three languages: English, German and Turkish.

Working experience of Dr. Kurbegović is just as rich as his education. He built a successful career through many management positions in several companies, domestic and foreign. He was a member of Audit committees, Supervisory boards, board of directors in the public sector, the president of the Association of professional intermediaries in the trading of securities, and a member of the Stock Exchange Commission. He took position of director of the Sarajevo Stock Exchange in June 2012. Although it is too early to talk about the retrospective of his engagement in a position of CEO, he initiated regionally binding of exchanges together with colleagues from Banja Luka and Montenegro. These first steps will be presented at the first regional conference of the three stock exchanges in Sarajevo in May 2013.

Expertise, professionalism, and dedication to the capital markets, resulted in the appointment on the function he currently performs.

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